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MMA Champion Ben Saunders 


     "We manipulate the exact opposite of the chiropractors. We're trained to manipulate joints to get someone to tap, these guys do the exact opposite and are trained to manipulate the body back to its original form. I feel revitalized when I'm done with a treatment. As a professional MMA fighter, it's important for me to be in my best shape. I can't just let anybody work on me. I want the best doctors, trainers and coaches. These guys do a phenomenal job. "  

Ben discusses the benefits of receiving regular chiropractic care as a professional MMA fighter.  If you are a professional athlete ask us about our sponsorship program. Dr. Baldasare is a huge sports fan and does what he can to give back to local athletes.    

     Dr. Baldasare and Dr. Ortiz specialize in treating high-performance athletes and related injuries. They focus on the premise that when the body is aligned physically, chemically, and emotionally, it is in its highest state of performance. 


Marc says, "I didn't believe in chiropractic - I was very, very skeptical."


Keith Bubalo's dad was a chiropractor, so he searched for a good chiropractor in Orlando.


Sandra says, "I wasn't expecting anything significant with my treatment!"


Gloria walked in with a walker and tells the story of what happened next. 

Cathy and John 

Cathy & John describe their experience about the doctors and staff and how they helped them from avoiding heavy doses of medication to deal with headaches and back pain.


     Charlene started with her daughter's sports injury, and chose Affinity to treat her entire family for wellness care. She chose Affinity because of the passion and professionalism of the Affinity staff.  "Dr. Baldasare is very personal and teaches us a lot during his seminars.  It's really helped a lot and we are very happy here." 

Cedric Thomas


     "As a former professional athlete and now full-time dad, I appreciate finding a doctor that was more focused on my over all well being rather than just my symptoms. I was involved in a car accident and met Dr. Baldasare at a church function. He and the entire staff at Affinity are unbelievable. They are all friendly, they handled all my auto accident insurance and got me feeling great in no time. I highly recommend Dr. Baldasare and the massage therapists at Affinity." 

Jennifer Karlins 


      "I promised my son there would be an end to all of the surgeries for chronic ear infections. The adjustments really made a difference and I could fulfill my sons Christmas wish, no more surgeries!  I would not trust any other doctors with my entire families adjustments. Thank you Dr. Baldasare."

Susan Nelson

     "I recommend Dr. B and Dr. R to everyone I know, whether they are having a problem or not. Preventative maintenance is also what they teach, and they make it such a pleasure. From the time you walk in the door until you leave, the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. The doctors are tops in their field, and they make you feel relaxed and cared for. They always ask how I'm doing and remember certain things about my life that I've shared previously, which confirms to me that they are really listening and treating the whole person. I've also tried the massage, which was outstanding - the best I've experienced so far! I guess next I'll have to try some other service, because I know I won't be disappointed. Neither will you!"

Julie Snow, LMT

     "I give Dr. Brent Baldasare the highest recommendation possible! He is an outstanding chiropractor, employer, and successful business man. I worked with Dr. B and watched the practice grow, mostly due to the referrals of other satisfied patients. One thing is for sure, patients are listened to, treated with respect, and get well. Affinity Chiropractic and Dr. B continue to educate and improve the well-being and health of the community. Thank you, Dr. B, for caring and enhancing our healthy lifestyle changes!"

Jane Shields

     "God has blessed Dr. Baldasare with the gift of healing physically and spiritually. My family and I have great respect and adoration for Dr. Baldasare. To have a doctor who's professional walk is no less than his Christian walk with his family and his patients is indeed a blessing and although I am healed now, I still return to Dr.'s Baldasare for adjustments if and when needed, and for many years now. I can truly say I have never known a doctor so loving and caring towards his former patients as well as his new patients, so I am glad to pass it on 'what a wonderful Chiropractor I have found in Dr. Baldasare' and may God continue to widen his coast."

Fay Lee

"Dr. Baldasare,

     Just as I was giving up hope on all chiropractors I found your website. I was in so much pain on Sunday I could not move at all. And after icing my entire left and right side I was able to move very delicately enough to get into your office.

I want to thank you and your staff :
1. That they found a cancellation at the last minute and I managed to come in today at 10:30 am
2. The incredible care and respect everyone showed me knowing I was in such agony was well received, please thank them.
3. For you truly taking the time with me to explain what was wrong and giving me a dose of reality but with hope that things will be better
4. For your genuine concern.

     I think after I left I was still hobbling and getting into my convertible was still difficult, sitting was not easy. All I know is when I came in I could barely walk, sitting and bending was very difficult as you saw. And when you were done, although the pain seemed to have shifted somewhat. These were the things I noticed almost immediately:
1. The pain running from my left rib cage down the side almost to my knee was greatly reduced.
2. The lower back however still seemed to have a pins and needles sensation, but I didn't care the side was feeling better and it rendered me able to walk more without making a ton of ugly faces : )
3. Then after about 2 hours, shockingly I was able to sit and the lower back pain was changing.
4. Now that almost 11 hours have passed not sure how much of the pain killer I took or your session but I can sit in bed now and it feels very bearable. Also I can walk much better, still hard to get out of bed or from sofa but once walking it's like 90% better.

     I was so scared never buckled to the ground like I did that terrible Sunday morning, but now I truly feel a great sense of hope and recovery and in one session. Thank you so much for all your care. I can't wait to get back to the gym, I know I have to wait and recover more. But I think this time the recovery and treatment will more structured and permanent. I will do whatever you tell me I need to , so my back/spine can improve like never before. Now I just look forward to being able to sleep what a nice feeling, all thanks to you. See you Wednesday." 


Mechanical/Electrical Systems Design Department, Boeing-Kennedy Space Center

"Dr Baldasare,

     This is to wish you and your family a happy holiday season. I have enjoyed knowing you through my visit's and treatment in your facility. You are a wonderful chiropractor and I will continue to recommend people to visit your wellness center. You are a very kind hearted, caring and compassionate doctor. Thanks for always healing me when I am in pain. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

PS: Please extend my greetings to your team. Thanks!"

Kristina Wood

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

     "Dr B. has always been involved with his patients recovery and the only chiropractor that I trust improving my quality of life through chiropractic care! Thank you Dr. B for the many years of improved health!" February 18, 2009

Dr. Matthew Westheimer, DC

     "Dr. Baldasare is an amazing chiropractor with the utmost integrity and shows a genuine concern for his staff as well as his patients. He has a dedication second to none to deliver the highest quality health care. He has inspired me and I know he will continue to inspire every life he touches." February 28, 2009

Melody Black

     "In 1997, I was in a serious car accident which resulted in some injuries that were undetected for about 10 days. I had treatment after the accident but they did not detect during the accident [that] my pelvis [had] rotated. I went for almost 2 years pain free and the same awful pain returned. Through many doctors and physical therapists I was not getting any help and getting much worse. They did not have a clue what to do with me. In March 2001, we relocated to Orlando, Florida. A few weeks ago I was driving out of the Waterford Lakes Shopping Center and spotted Dr. Baldasare's office. My husband and I both said, "look" and that is how my treatment started. He has begun to treat what should have been treated over 4 years ago. I feel like I finally have a chance at a normal life again. In a few short weeks I feel things are being treated and I can already feel improvement. When I talk to him I see total understanding and awareness of what I am telling him and have faith he will help me. He is the kindest, most caring doctor I have ever been to and his staff is wonderful. I feel truly blessed having found Dr. Baldasare." 

Susan Collins

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

     "Dr. B is a great Chiropractor. He is definitely an expect in his field and takes the proper time allowed to take care of his patients. I have recommended him to many people in the past & will continue to refer to him in the future." March 2, 2009

Rob O'Brien

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

     "When I was given two options toward spinal/back care (Pain Management or Surgery) I started the search for alternative solutions, that were more holistic, than invasive. I found Affinity Health & Welness through detailed research on the web, and then visted his office. From the beginning he and his team of people have been saviors. The positive energy, the welcoming and caring environment have allowed me to truly enjoy not just being on my feet, but enjoying life on the golf course. I not only trust Dr. B and his team with my healthcare, but that of my wife and teenage son." May 18, 2009

Tamara Cushman 

     "I can return to my daily routine. I can function through the day. I can lift my children. I can tie my shoes. I can sit without readjusting myself every few moments. I can stretch....I can LIVE!" 

Amy Carnes

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

     "Dr Baldasare is a wonderful chiropractor and an incredible friend. He genuinely cares for all of his patients and wants to be sure that they are receiving the best care for their specific health needs." March 6, 2008

Frank Vecchio

     "After being in pain for a period of time, one night playing softball I threw my lower back out to the point of not being able to walk. I went to an Orthopedic clinic, which did not give me much promise of being healed. I decided to try Dr. Baldasare after driving by the office a number of times. Having noticed the pleasant attitude of all the staff, and being told exactly what the problem was, I decided to keep visiting this office although my insurance only partially covered my expenses. After two months, I feel almost new. The rest is up to me, by exercising more and eating right. I'm sorry it took me this long to get healed." 

Mike Bondi

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

     "Dr. Brent is a service-oriented Chiropractor who isn't happy until his patients are pain-free. I highly recommend his service." March 14, 2008

Randy Black 

     "Dear Dr. Baldasare, 

     I thought you might be interested to know that I have been thinking about you often when I wake up in the mornings. Sound a bit strange? Read on, it's a great story! It's been more years than I care to count since I have been virtually pain-free in my neck and lower back. I can trace my neck pain back to a high school athletic injury while my back pain began after a serious traffic accident a number of years ago. Treatment on my back after the accident included nine months (5 days a week) of physical therapy with only marginal results. Even after all this treatment I was not able to stand for more than a few minutes in one spot, which certainly had a negative effect on my sales career. After being under the care of several doctors' in the following years with only temporary pain relief, I had decided to just 'live with it.'

     My wife, Melody, encouraged me to visit your office after she experienced great results after just a few treatments. Impressed with the results of her treatment, I set up my first appointment late last summer. I was impressed with your thorough examination and honest appraisal (no punches pulled) of the not-so-great condition of my health. I reluctantly agreed to the treatment schedule and set up my first appointment - three treatments a week - I thought you were joking! Within two months I began to notice improvement in the level of pain in both my neck and back. Inside of five months my neck pain has completely disappeared! Even more impressive is that I am enjoying a great improvement in my back! I am now able to be on my feet for hours at a time! In addition, after a good nights sleep, I wake up without experiencing back pain! After waking up this morning with a pain-free back it occured to me to say, 'Thank you Dr. B' for your outstanding care!

     I sincerely appreciate your expert care and great attitude each and every time I visit your office! I'm blessed to be a member of the Affinity Healthcare Center family! Thanks to you and your staff I'm on the road back to great health!" 

Linda Warner

     "I worked for Brent while a litigation paralegal with Michael Brehne, P.A. collecting money from insurance companies when they didn't pay or reduced insurance claims made by the doctor. Brent is a very kind, trusting and gracious man. I am honored and pleased to know him." May 16, 2008

Ed Hansen

     "To Whom it May Concern:

     I had never been treated by a chiropractic doctor prior to learning of the Affinity Healthcare Center which recently opened near my Eastwood Community home. I even harbored a somewhat negative opinion as to the value of such treatment. 

     While attending college on a golf association scholarship for caddies, I played freshman golf and ran the mile in varsity track. I always led a healthy, very active life serving 30 years as a teacher and physical education specialist with the U.S. Air Force Schools in Spain. After retirement, I continued to swim and work out with weight training, but began to have lower back and neck pain which greatly hindered my movement walking, and interrupted normal sleep patterns. At times I was forced to grab onto a grocery cart in a store and use it as a walker to help support my back until the pain subsided. I thought this was the onslaught of rheumatism. Doctor prescribed pain killers soon wore off, and I did not want to take the chance on a dangerous back and neck operation.

     After being under Dr. Brent Baldasare's care throughout March and April 2001, I now feel like a new person. The pain has completely vanished from both my back and neck. I can now move freely, and can enjoy a perfect night's sleep. Anyone who may have doubts as to the effectiveness of Dr. Baldasare's professional treatments should give his chiropractic clinic a try. His professional competence is outstanding! He does get favorable results, and he has a great personality which inspires his patients to quickly recover optimum health." 

Bill Chychota

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

     "Brent has been my family's Chiropractor since 2002 and would highly recommend him for anyone looking to get and stay well. I don't have any back problems but go regularly for 'tune-ups' which keep me healthy. The entire staff at Affinity are great people to deal with."

Karin Hill

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

     "Dr. Brent and his team are fantastic at what they do. I love the environment in their Waterford Lakes Practice. I would recomend his clinic to anyone looking for great work and service." February 12, 2009

Kendra Woodhill

     "Hi! Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help- for my back and especially for all your encouragement. I have felt welcome at your office from the first day I came here. My back is so much better because of you and I can't thank you enough for that. You've always treated me on more of a level of a friend then a patient. You're the best! Thanks for everything, hope to be seeing you again sometime."

Wayde Kissane

     "One of the wonderful things about being a human is the ability to make choices. We can try the best choices based upon our knowledge, but if knowledge is held back from us we may not have the opportunity to make that 'best' choice. I offer my testimony of Affinity Healthcare Center to help encourage others to consider making the same choice I did. 

     In 2000, I received two bulging discs in my lower back when I stepped into the shower and slipped because the cleaning chemicals were not washed away fully. I was placed on a regimen of physical therapy and pills. I was taking pill after pill so I could function without too much pain. How scary it is to look back and realize I was driving my vehicle on muscle relaxers! As time went on, my doctor told me there was nothing else that could be done. He said, 'You will have to take medicines for pain management and if the discs herniated come back and see me.' I left feeling that I would have to deal with the pain for the rest of my life. 

     During the 2003 holiday season, a special person continually tried to talk me into seeing a chiropractor. Naturally, I had no desire to go to a chiropractor because all I ever heard were 'horror stories' about people's experiences. You are probably reading this now and thinking 'I've heard them too!' I decided to look at things logically and realized a common trend. How many times have we heard those same 'horror stories' about someone's experience at a dentist, hair stylist, supermarket, optometrist, surgeon, or any other profession? The fact is, I realized I had to also weight the praises and not only focus on the negatives. I eventually conceded and made my first appointment at Affinity to consider if chiropractic was okay and safe. 

     My first visit was memorable because I was as fidgety and nervous as a four-year-old boy. This was my back we were talking about and I didn't want to make things worse. I bombarded Dr. Baldasare with tons of questions. Not only did he answer each questions, but he took the time to make sure I understood the answers and that he answered the question I was asking. I have never experienced a doctor who took that much interest in my concerns or fears. It was this initial interaction that I felt I could trust him to start a treatment plan. I began January 7th, 2004. 

     Within the first two weeks, I was amazed that the pain was nearly gone. In addition, it was uncomfortable to slouch! All those years as a child being told to 'sit up straight' and after the injury being told to 'use good posture' could have been resolved by chiropractic adjustments. By the first month's end, my pain was completely gone and I expressed my frustration that my doctor NEVER told me that I had another option to the pills and pain management. I was told that I would not be able to get any better than I was. I felt betrayed and mislead. I can now proudly say that my back is 99% better. I have no pain; I can mow the lawn and lift things without discomfort. I am able to sleep on my back now and the best part about that is the restful night's sleep.

     I wish to thank Dr. Baldasare and the entire staff at Affinity for helping me maximize my health. I am now beginning a fitness regimen which will help me further reach my goals. I was not able to do any cardio-vascular or weight training exercises before due to the pain and discomfort. I feel it is important to note that I am 6'5" and weight a little bit over 300lbs. That is a lot of weight coming down on my lower back. Even with all that pressure on the injured area, my treatments at Affinity have taken away my pain, put my back in the proper alignment, and most importantly given me an optimistic view of my own personal health goals. Thank you Affinity Healthcare Center!!!"

Maria Mejias

     "I had two operations for a broken heel during the past two years which left me with a sharp pain in my upper leg. All efforts by my bone surgeon, and doctors who treat the Orlando Predators Arena Football Team could not solve my problem even after my MRI exams. I began Chiropractic care with Dr. Brent Baldasare on March 20, 2001 and within 2-3 weeks the pain dissipated. He is a wonderful doctor and I highly recommend anyone suffering from muscular pain into his care and professional treatment. Thank you so very much Dr. Brent."

Ed Gosselin

     "Thank you for your excellent care and handling of my back and neck. I lived with so much pain for so long in my life and thanks to you it is getting better every week.  I can now enjoy playing with my daughter and the many other activities that i could not do before."

Maria Hansen

     "I had two operations for a broken heel during the past two years, which left me with a sharp pain in my upper leg. All efforts by my bone surgeon, and even doctors who treat the Orlando Predators Arena Football Team could not solve my problem, even after MRI exams. 

     I began chiropractic care with Dr. Brent Baldasare on March 20, 2001, and within 2-3 weeks the pain dissipated. He is a wonderful doctor, and I highly recommend anyone suffering from muscular pain into his care and professional treatment, thank you so very much Dr. Brent!" 

If you are a former or existing patient and would like to submit your testimonial, please email fd@affinityhealthcarecenter.com, with "Testimonial" in the subject line.