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Dr. Ortiz and patient Tom Maguire talk about his decision
to choose the Metabolic Balance weight-loss program. 

The Metabolic Balance Plan    

A lot of people "get stuck" in their weight because of metabolic problems. 

     There are three main causes:

  • Certain metabolic pathways are not open.
  • Certain metabolic pathways are having traffic jams.
  • Certain metabolic pathways are permanently closed.

  Patients and clients who have Metabolic Syndrome have a combination of possibly all three scenarios.  Depending which pathways are working or not working is determined by a blood test.   

     The Metabolic Balance Plan is designed for people who have been diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome or have symptoms that are very similar.   Metabolic Syndrome is considered a medical condition and for that it requires the expertise of a physician. 

     Our physicians are certified and trained to handle even the toughest cases. 

The Metabolic Balance Plan is medically proven to be the most effective treatment available for metabolic syndrome compared to any other treatment currently offered in the world!

     This plan requires a simple blood test and a comprehensive consultation with a certified metabolic balance expert. A plan of action will be based on the results of your blood work and your personal consultation. 

Metabolic Syndrome testing is recommended for anyone with a combination of any three of these factors:

     The most telling symptom is a large waist circumference. Men's waist sizes that are close to or greater than 40 inches are at the highest risk. Women's waist sizes that are close to or greater than 35 inches are at the highest risk.

     The most common question we get asked is, "Do I need to be diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome to do this plan?"

     The simple answer is no.  This plan is recommended by physicians as far away as Germany for us to  specifically treat Metabolic Syndrome patients.  Like we said above, this is the most successful treatment for Metabolic Syndrome in the world.  And we are one of only a limited number of physicians certified to deliver this program.   

     That being said, this program has been shown to be highly effective as a permanent weight loss solution to thousands of people world wide.  Even for those who are not clinically diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome.  

It is a four phase plan designed to:

  • balance your hormones and metabolism
  • optimize your health and increase energy

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The Metabolic Balance Plan Includes:

Patented Lab Test & Blood Draw (Value $379)

Meal Plan Customized from Lab Test (Value $695)

Professional Certified Coaching Sessions for 3 months ($1,200)

Total Value ($2,275)

Discounted Price: $1,968

This program also offers an easy payment plan. 

Metabolic Balance Solutions Plan
Number of payments 4
No. Due* Amount
1 At checkout $595.00 USD
2 after 1 month $529.00 USD
3 after 2 months $529.00 USD
4 after 3 months $529.00 USD
Total $2,182.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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