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Affinity Auto & Personal Injury Care

Recovery & Care

Personal injury is such an important topic for Dr. Brent Baldasare because it’s really how he was introduced to Chiropractic. When he was just 19 he first started getting injuries that required care.

" If I would’ve had those injuries handled correctly and I didn’t go back onto the field with some of the problems that I had, I may have had a completely different outcome." Dr. Brent Baldasare

Now I am very happy with the life that I’ve gotten, but personal injury is one of those things that that you need to be going to a specialist for treatment. Personal injury is not really dealt with by your primary medical doctor. Your orthopedic surgeon (and we deal with a lot of orthopedic surgeons) they don’t want to see you unless you’re really a surgical candidate. Your physiatrist they do a really good job managing the pain, but personal injury from my perspective, what we see is there is a functional problem, and if you don’t get to the root cause of the problem, then you can actually get stuck on pain killers for the rest of your life. I could’ve easily been one of those people.

            I was fortunate enough to realize sooner than later that was the path. But what I do see happening with people they get to a fork in the road. And when they’re injured, and they’re hurting, and they stop working out, and they start to realize their mood changes because they’re in a lot of pain. Or they get confused because there are so many things that they have to deal with, the insurance companies, and the attorneys.

What happens is that either a professional intervenes or that lightbulb goes off and they’re like, you know what enough is enough, I’m going to take control of this, yes I’m injured, yes it hurts, yes I have a herniated disk, yes surgery is a possibility, but what can I do? What is everything I can do to prevent that from happening?

Affinity Health client Kristen was involved in a three car pile-up accident.

Kristen; personal injury patient: Probably close to 70 in a 45, and she hit the gentleman behind me, who hit me. They pulled up the x-rays and showed me you know, exactly what was going on. Ends up I have three sprains in my neck from whiplash. So therapy is definitely going to be beneficial for my health. You don’t really know what could happen a few or days later. And when it comes to insurance you only get 14 days.

Dr. Brent Baldasare: Not only do they come back in and we get them where they need to be, out of pain and functioning again. But they’re usually better off than where they were before the accident. If every single person that we see at Affinity, the main goal is to take them from where they are and put them in a better position than where they were before we saw them. And that ultimately is the culture of the practice.

Affinity Health clients Moe and Jackie were involved in a car wreck.

Jackie: As soon as we got here he took our x-rays and when we got those back, we came back the next day. And he told me that I had a sprained neck and him as well. He just said that we’re going to start adjusting you. We’re going to do traction. It’s just going to ease out your pain and tension and you’ll be okay, until we find out what’s wrong with your back, we can work deeper into that.

Dr. Brent Baldasare: And that’s why personal injury is so important. Because personal injury even though it’s a low point in most people’s lives and most people don’t forget the accident they’ve been in.

There’s a moment of opportunity that happens within two weeks of the accident, where people can really see that I have an opportunity here to be better than I was before.

Or even if it it’s going to be a permanent injury. There’s this opportunity when you’re going through the treatment, strong treatment programs with experts who’ve been through this.

Where you can go through this process where its okay my life might change but it doesn’t have to be bad.

If you've been in a car accident call us today to evaluate your condition. Early diagnosis and treatment is critical for a speedy recovery.

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