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Orlando Personal Injury Treatments from Our Chiropractor

If you are an Orlando personal injury victim, it's natural to be frustrated with traditional medical care. Prescription painkillers only address pain symptoms rather than treating the underlying cause for your injury. Here at Affinity Health and Wellness Center, our Orlando chiropractors deliver long-lasting pain relief through all-natural chiropractic treatments. Whether you are the victim of an injury accident or suffer chronic neck or back pain, Dr. Brent Baldasare and Dr. Michael Rudoni are here to help.

orlando personal injury

Orlando Chiropractic Care Relieves Neck and Back Pain

Several of the most common personal injury complaints are neck and back pain. In fact, nearly every American will suffer from these pains in their back at some point in their lives. Over time, natural wear and tear on the discs in our back causes them to degenerate, which can lead to a herniated disc. When this happens, the disc may compress nearby nerves, causing a pinched nerve. This can cause radiating pain the legs, buttocks and lower back, a condition known as sciatica. A muscle strain or soft tissue injury from sitting the wrong way at your work desk or lifting a heavy object can also lead to chronic pain.

Our chiropractors believe that the use of synthetic chemicals in the form of prescription painkillers cause disruptive consequences to your body's natural ability to function. Instead of medicating away your pain, we treat the underlying cause for your injury through chiropractic care. Our gentle, low-force adjustments restore alignment to the musculoskeletal system, which provides long-lasting relief from back and neck pain.

Our Chiropractors Help Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Our chiropractors can also help carpal tunnel syndrome patients. Carpal tunnel syndrome is an increasingly common personal injury. Constantly typing on a computer - whether in an office or at home - can lead to this repetitive motion injury. Repetitive motions like typing can cause the tissue in the wrist to become inflamed. This swelling narrows the median nerve channel, putting pressure on the median nerve and causing pain. Gentle adjustments and manipulation of the wrist is a safe and effective treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome and less invasive than surgery. Massage treatments can also help relieve pain and reduce swelling.

shoulder pain

Massage therapy is a natural complement to many personal accident injuries because it speeds healing and enhances pain relief. After an injury, our bodies naturally adjust to compensate for pain, which can to restricted movements and a further misalignment of the musculoskeletal system. Massage therapy treatments help to correct for this. During a massage therapy treatment, our licensed massage therapist uses gentle, kneading motions to help lengthen stiff, weak or tight muscles. This promotes the flow of oxygen-rich blood into the muscles, flushing out lactic acid and toxins, which speeds healing. Depending on your injury, our massage therapist may also apply targeted, direct force on muscles to relieve the tiny contractions that are responsible for pain.

An Orlando injury accident can have a serious impact on your life. Don't let chronic pain stop you from living life; schedule an appointment with a chiropractor today by calling 407-381-4040!