Ben Saunders, professional MMA fighter, discusses the benefits of receiving regular chiropractic care as a professional MMA fighter.  If you are a professional MMA fighter ask us about our sponsorship program. Dr. Baldasare is a huge MMA fan and does what he can to give back to local athletes.     

Ben's next Bellator fight is Friday May 4th, 2012 - if you are a fan you can support him and get an awesome custom tee-shirt!

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Ultimate Fighter Ben Saunders - "We manipulate the exact opposite of the chiropractors. We're trained to manipulate joints to get someone to tap, these guys do the exact opposite and are trained to manipulate the body back to its original form.  I feel revitalized when I'm done with a treatment.  "  

Dr. Baldasare and Dr. Rudoni specialize in high performance athletes and related injuries.  They focus on the premise the body aligned physically, chemically and emotionally is in its highest state of performance.  

"As a professional MMA fighter it's important for me to be in my best shape.  I can't just let anybody work on me. I want the best doctors, trainers and coaches.  These guys do a phenominal job." 


Dr. Brent Baldasare and Ben Saunders ( Dr. B is the one on the right...just in case you weren't sure) 

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