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Q & A Videos

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

     Dr. Brent Baldasare talks about the first chiropractic adjustment in history. He also shares the reason why it works and under what conditions a chiropractic adjustment is beneficial.

Can you get addicted to Chiropractic?

     A common myth about chiropractic is once you go you have to continue to go. There is nothing addictive about chiropractic except feeling good. If you choose to stop chiropractic care, you will not have withdraws and your ligaments and joints will not be weakened. You may see a return of your symptoms, decreased range of motion, or a poor posture pattern return. In that case, just come back in and we'll pick up were we left off.

How can improving your posture make you more attractive?

     Posture can provide a significant amount of important information on nonverbal communication and emotional cues. Psychological studies have shown the effects of body posture on emotions.

     This research can be traced back to Charles Darwin when he studied emotion and movement in man and animals. Currently, many studies have shown that certain patterns of body movements are indicative of specific emotions.

What's the first step to getting healthy?

     How powerful is the ability to focus on something? What can it mean to change your health, your standards or your relationship?

What's so important about living foods?

     Learn the basic secrets all the top health & fitness experts know. Dr. Baldasare shares the 8 basic human health needs that will make you healthy, lean and fit. To learn more or book a talk visit www.DrBaldasare.com